Core Curriculum

  1. Train employees on the “3 basic food groups of business” – sales, marketing and customer service – increase the cohesiveness of your employees understanding of how these three key areas of business affect the bottom line; Advanced options in graphic design and web site development
  2. Customized training: Offer customized training within the core curriculum to train your employees on the exact areas of weakness that may be causing a lack of production or high employee turn-over

Program Structure

  1. Remove or add training modules
  2. Gear curriculum to cater to specific audience being trained
  3. Length of program can vary based on training needs – examples include:
    • Seminar style: 1-3 days, 3-4 hours a day
    • Short Training Class: 4-week program, 1-2 days a week, 2 hours a day
  4. Train new or existing employees
    • Separate training course, or in conjunction with established employee training program(s)
  5. Training Options:
    • Direct Training: Our staff trains the students and runs the program at your facility
    • Train-the-Trainer: Our staff trains your trainers and your organization can provide the program on your own